Body Code

The Body Code is a comprehensive and very powerful energy balancing system which utilizes a natural healing approach. Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Body Code encompasses a broad map of discovery, that unravels the underlying causes of imbalances in the body with respective modes and resources to bring the body back into balance again.

The Body Code system looks at the imbalances in the body stemming from 6 major categories.

  1. Energies (Includes the Emotion Code)
  2. Circuits and Systems
  3. Toxins
  4. Pathogens
  5. Misalignments
  6. Nutrition and Lifestyle

The Body-Mind-Spirit has the profound wisdom to know exactly what created an imbalance and what is needed to bring the body back into restoration, health and harmony.

Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, a distinguished medical researcher at Yale, insisted that pathology could be detected in the energy field long before physical symptoms emerged. He suggested that diseases could be prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy field.