Emotion Code

The New Science in Healing

We are entering a new scientific age of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology (ACEP), where the realm of quantum physics, molecular biology and epigenetics (Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD) are revolutionizing the way we understand our world. These disciplines are reshaping our understanding of the underlying foundations of health, healing and the formation of illness and disease. This new science and resurgence of the ancient wisdom teachings demonstrates that “everything is energy” and we are beings of energy. What has been revealed is that the human energy field sets the foundation for the physical body. So, if the energy field becomes imbalanced (through trapped emotions, toxins etc…) this will eventually affect the physical body. A disease and ill-heath manifest themselves first in our energy field before showing up on our physical bodies.

How we develop “Trapped Emotions” and their effects on us

Not every emotional event will create a trapped emotion. If, however, the intensity of an event or if a person is in a vulnerable state (either emotionally or physically), the emotion may not be dealt with or processed, would then become lodged in to body. When an emotion becomes trapped, it exerts an energetic frequency in the body that is specific to that particular emotion. Dr. Nelson gives the example, that “if you have the trapped emotion of anger, which you have been carrying around for many years, and you come into a situation where you could become angry, it is much more likely that you will become angry, as energetically, part of you is already angry”. Trapped emotions can get lodged anywhere in the body as well-defined energies that have a particular size, shape and form. Trapped emotions can also become lodged in our energy field at any point and time in our existence (Pre-conception, Conception-Inherited, Prenatally, Birth-Present day).

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

When significant emotional events occur in our lives and the emotion/emotions are not properly or “consciously” processed they can become trapped in the body. By virtue of them being trapped they are not in our “conscious” awareness. With The Emotion Code, accessing trapped emotions is done through the subconscious mind. The Subconscious is vast and profound. Like the bottom of the iceberg, it occupies about 95% of our mind, while our conscious brain takes up only 5%! The subconscious is like a super computer with capabilities of storing immense amounts of information with extraordinary processing abilities. The subconscious tracks and stores every milli-second of our existence. It knows what has made the body-mind sick or out of balance and it knows exactly how to create wholeness, health and harmony back into the body-mind. The Subconscious Mind is connected to Universal consciousness, this is our exciting and burgeoning frontier of discovery that supports our greater understanding of the evolution and unfolding of consciousness. Through manual muscle testing (related to Applied Kinesiology) we can access the subconscious mind to learn what the body needs to heal and release trapped emotions to restore health, wellness and the sacred unfolding within our lives. Healing can occur by activating the body’s own natural healing energies through restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”
-Albert Szent- Gyorgyi, MD (Nobel Laureate in Medicine)

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Dr. Nelson explains that “How healthy we are is directly related to how balanced our energy field is.” The impact of nutrition, toxins, stress, illness, physical trauma and emotional stress can all have an impact on our energy field. A significant disruptor to our energy field is our “trapped emotions”. Through muscle testing the trapped emotion can be identified and then released with a magnet. The earliest research looking at the magnets capabilities, was in the mid-1950’s. By exposing the body to pulsating electromagnetic fields, Japanese scientists created electrical changes on a cellular and altered cell metabolism. In March 2005, Time magazine reported that Columbia University accidentally discovered a surprising way to cure depression, by using magnetic energy. When using the Emotion Code, trapped emotions are brought from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. Then with the use of magnets and power of intention, trapped emotions are released, never to return again. In discussing the healing nature of magnets, Dr. Nelson explains “The easiest to use, the cheapest and the most widely available energy tool is the magnet. Magnets emit pure energy and are a powerful tool to fix energetic imbalances that you cannot see”

A Holistic and balanced approach to life and healing that includes releasing Trapped Emotions can allow us to free ourselves from self-sabotage, stuck and problematic habits, pain, addictions, relationship triggers, depression, anxiety, PTSD and chronic illnesses so that we can go out into the world and live our lives deeply loving and accepting of ourselves, enjoying fulfilling relationships with others, engaged in a meaningful life purpose and aligned with our spiritual nature.

The Heart-Wall

During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured; this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart; but you can’t build a wall of nothing, right?

What ends up being used as “building materials” are the most common excess energies in the body; Trapped Emotions. The problem is that the heart-wall doesn’t dissolve on its own, even if you don’t need it anymore. Having a heart-wall long-term is like living in a bomb shelter; it’s necessary short-term to protect you while the “bombs” are falling, but if you continue to “live” in there you’ll feel sad, disconnected, frustrated and you could even end up with heart disease or other heart problems down the road.

The good news is that the heart-wall can be removed, one emotion at a time, freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. Now that’s what life is all about! Contact us today for a free consultation.